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I am a what Malcolm Gladwell calls a connector. I connect people to others, so together they can do good things in the community. I do this through introductions, or by using my expertise to help non-profits achieve their goals. Volunteering adds richness to my life, and vibrancy in the community. 
Trinity United Church
Social justice coordinator                                                       
  • Partnering and networking with complementary organizations and initiatives in the community. Raising awareness of difficult issues facing our community through events and support. Supporting community initiatives and families during the pandemic.

Chelsea's Story 

Community engagement committee                                                2018–2020

  • Member of cross-disciplinary team led by WR Crime Prevention Council and Sexual Assault Support Centre WR, to engage the public with a play about human sex trafficking, raising awareness of the issue in the region.

Latitudes Storytelling Festival,

Founder, chair of the board of directors                 

June 2006 - 2017

  • Guiding part-time staff in roles pertaining to the festival's organization, artistic direction and volunteer management.

  • Connecting the community with storytelling, storygathering and placemaking initiatives. Developing strategic partnerships to carry out vision (e.g. Latitudes and Longitudes digital storytelling project, Driving project timelines and working with artists, community members, paid staff, arts organizers, volunteers and a volunteer board.

Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV Waterloo)

Board member          

2017 - 2019

  • Promoting and marketing the local chapter’s events and raising its profile within the community. CISV provides a range of unique, education group activities, including exchanges, which develop cross-cultural understanding in children, youth and adults from around the world.

Mental Health Without Borders 

Documenter/storyteller, mental health initiative, Guyana    


  • Worked with a cross-disciplinary team of medical and mental health professionals and the Ministry of Health in Guyana to implement a national mental health strategy, including capturing stories of patients, family members and medical staff to use for mental health awareness and fundraising purposes.

Refugee sponsorship 

Volunteer coordinator                                                                   


  • Organized and recruited volunteers to help an Iraqi refugee family of 10 settle in Kitchener. Included arranging drivers for appointments, child care, English language education, etc. Currently financially supporting a Syrian family who arrived in Kitchener in October 2015.

Volunteer experience

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