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Copy editing

You’ve finished your manuscript’s final draft. What do you do now? It’s ready for copy editing.  

That’s where I come into the picture. I look for issues with spelling, grammar, style and punctuation, before it goes to proofreading. I check for inconsistencies in facts. I track changes so you know exactly what I’ve changed, and I leave comments and questions to clarify, flesh out or simplify.

If there is a problem with a transitions, wordiness, jargon, or outdated language, I’ll find it. Whether you’re self-publishing or prepping for a publisher, I’ll make sure your manuscript puts you in the best light.

  • $75/hour*

* Sometimes my fee is calculated as an hourly rate or rate per word or per page; other times, it is calculated as a flat project fee. Factors that affect editing speed include: difficulty of the material; the current state of the document or manuscript, and whether the requirements are clearly articulated.

Contact me for a quote now.

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