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Document review

Whether you’re a writer, a terrible speller, someone who uses other primary languages, or you need a second set of eyes on a big report, you need to be confident your work presents you in the very best light. I can help you get there.

Imagine if every email, document, report or sales introduction you sent was so clearly understood that you never had to spend time responding to clarification questions. Imagine how much time that would save you, and how much money it would save your company; everyone can access your services and products on first contact, and your customer service rises to a new level.


I review just about any kind of document: Powerpoints, menus, emails, essays, reports, CVs and LinkedIn profiles, etc. I look for spelling and grammar, concise paragraph and word placement, and word choice. I track changes so you know exactly what I’ve changed, and I leave comments and questions to clarify, flesh out or simplify.

SMALL BUSINESS: includes e-newsletters, print (menus, brochures, etc.), blog content, and website content. $60/hour or $100 monthly (retainer)

GRAD PACKAGE: a cover letter, CV and LinkedIn profile review. $75

IMPRESS-THE-BOSS package for professionals: LinkedIn profile review, email communication, presentation and/or proposal. $145

I am certified in Canadian Press Style, the industry standard for copywriting and journalism. With my help, you can be confident your work presents you and your company in the very best light. And, I’ll do it in a timely manner. Let’s chat. 

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