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About 21 per cent of Canadians are non-English speakers. About 22 per cent of Canadians identify as having a disability. Over the next 20 years as the population ages, the number will rise.

Plain language ensures everyone can access the services you offer. It’s just good customer service. It means your customers can understand your documents more quickly. They won't call you so often for explanations, and they make fewer errors filling out your forms. They comply more accurately and quickly with your requirements.

We're all busy people. We don't want to waste a lot of time "translating" difficult, wordy documents. Plain-language writing saves time. If you save time, you save money. 



I offer short one-hour sessions on plain language or more comprehensive three-hour workshops, for small and larger groups. I will use your documents or official forms as examples, and you’ll take away tools to help you implement plain language in your work.

  • One-hour workshop: $200

  • Three-hour workshop: $500

I also review emails, documents – even legal ones – and reports for plain language improvements.

  • $60/hour


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