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Wordie Wednesday: lollygag

lol·​ly·​gag | \ˈlä-lē-ˌgag \ variants:

or less commonly lallygag, lollygagged; lollygagging

Definition: (intransitive verb):

I don’t know why you’re saying I’m dilly dallying, when quite clearly I’m lollygagging. These nuances are important! I’m doing it right now, as a matter of fact. Doing everything but the thing I’m supposed to be doing. Writing.

I’ve written a page of nonsense, just to warm up and get the ideas flowing. I’ve been in this café for an hour. I’ve drunk one coffee, and I’m ready for a second. I’ve sorted out all my social media, checked my emails and made my to-do list. I’ve stopped working to listen to that Leonard Cohen song playing in the café. And the song by The Band. And Neil Young. It’s actually quite a good playlist, now that I think about it.

Out the window, a few people walk by, bundled up against the cold. Cars move slowly down the narrow street, and it’s an overcast, crisp early winter day. The café’s fans hum, and the white noise, plus the conversations around me, plus the sound of running water in the kitchen . . . well, it’s put me in quite a reverie.

I’m eavesdropping on a conversation. Behind me, two people are talking about local social justice initiatives – this café is one, an offshoot of the Working Centre. They’re talking loudly, so I can’t be faulted for listening.

And here I am, wondering what to write about lollygagging. I looked up as many writing prompts as I could – there are hundreds of them on the internet! None of them really worked with lollygag.

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