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Lori-Ann Livingston

Writer, copy editor/copy writer,  proofreader, plain language consultant. Recovering communications professional and arts organizer. 

A wordie, but never wordy. I think outside the books.

Definition of wordie: a lover of words



I am a word nerd and grammar geek. Next to reading an exquisitely written book, nothing gives me greater pleasure than copy editing a document, manuscript or email. My superpower is spotting a misplaced apostrophe at a single glance.​

I am also a documenter  of the ordinary, through photographs, social media and daily journal entries. 

Copy editing and
document review
Plain language


I have been story-driven for most of my life, and professionally for the past 20+ years. ​I am a writer, a kindred spirit, a dreamer and a listener. I travel, mostly in my mind, but Ireland is my second home. You can find most of my published writing on my Authory and Medium pages.

I am a member of CoLabourNation, a community of Canadian freelancers. Which means if I don't have the skills or capacity to do what you need done, I know someone who can do it instead.

My first love is writing and grammar. I have extensive experience in editing, interviewing and research. I am knowledgeable about AODA legislation as it relates to communication and accessibility, and I am well-versed in plain language and Canadian Press (CP) Style.

I worked in communications and marketing in the public sector for 11 years. One of the highlights for me during this time included developing a multi-partner, cross-platform storytelling campaign for traffic safety that laid the groundwork for a province-wide effort led by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA).

Previous to my work in the public sector, I worked as a journalist in the UK and southwestern Ontario for about eight years. I also freelance as a writer, and have written for Broadview Magazine, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, Municipal World, Alternatives Journal, Songlines, Geez, Irish Post and Third Way

​I founded Waterloo Region’s only arts-based storytelling festival, Latitudes Storytelling Festival (2006-2017). This small but mighty event emphasized connecting the community through storytelling performance, story-gathering and placemaking initiatives.

In 2014, I travelled to Guyana with a cross-disciplinary team of medical and mental health professionals. Now known as Mental Health Without Borders (formerly Transforming Guyana’s Mental Health), the group worked with Guyana’s Ministry of Health to implement a national mental health strategy. I captured stories of patients, family members and medical staff to use for fundraising and promotional purposes.

From 2020-2022, I documented the Covid-19 pandemic by writing a daily journal for almost 700 days, and by taking photographs on my daily walks around neighbourhoods in my city, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The photographs can be found on the urban.intersections Facebook page and Instagram account. I love storytelling in all forms. I enjoy the theatre, hiking, reading, secondhand shopping, exposing my children to new experiences, cooking and listening to music.


Photo credit: Alina Kehl



“I really appreciated the depth, passion and listening that Lori-Ann brought to her work with us. I think she did an amazing job of capturing and telling our story. In particular, she noticed how we function, and created the tagline 'Trusted relationships are at the core of our business,' which describes us perfectly.

  • Leon Kehl, vision leader
    Boxbrite Technologies


It was such a pleasure to work with Lori-Ann! Her obvious love of what she does and keen attention to detail transformed a wordy and somewhat clumsy manuscript into a polished and highly readable piece that I was proud to have published. I love her creativity, thoughtfulness, and professionalism!” 

  • Stephanie Andrews, author
    Back to Basics: A Practical Guide to Everyday Life


“Lori-Ann has a remarkable ability to quickly hone in on gaps in content and website structure, and to make targeted, straightforward remedies. She helped me communicate fuzzy concepts, so I could tell my story better. Most importantly, she made clear suggestions that allowed me to match the tone of my writing with my intended message.

She is gentle but direct in her feedback - a perfect combination. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants their story to have more impact.”

  • Carol Maas, Kitchener, ON





48 Irvin St. 

Kitchener, ON


N2H 1K8

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